The IENE3 project

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The IENE 3 Project

  • The IENE3 project “Tools for Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe” primarily aims to increase the skills of nurses and health care professionals for providing culturally competent and compassionate care to patients and their families. It will develop and pilot tools which enable the implementation of the European PPT/IENE Model for intercultural education of nurses, created and developed by partners from five European countries in two previous Leonardo projects .
  • IENE3 partners are: UK, Romania, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Netherlands.
  • The tools as well as a number of case studies detailing various scenarios will be compiled in a good practice manual, which can be used by teachers to promote culturally competent and compassionate care.
  • The existing multilingual online platform will be enriched with new innovative teaching, learning and assessment tools.
The Team, Meeting in Sinaia, Romania 2014
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The Team, Meeting in Sinaia, Romania 2014
The Team, Meeting in Gera, Germany 2014
Rotterdam 2015
The Team, Evening Mean in Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2015
IENE 3 Meeting in Siena, Italy
IENE 3 Project Team Meeting in Siena, Italy