Dr Runa Lazzarino, BA, MA, PhD is a socio-cultural anthropologist by training, and part of the Centre since November 2018.

Broadly, Runa’s research interests revolve around global (mental) health, vulnerable migrants, social and cultural determinants of health and norms, humanitarianism and healthcare.

For her doctoral project, Runa conducted a multi-country study on the recovery and reintegration of human trafficking survivors (UNIMIB, 2015). In Runa’s post-doc research, at UCL and UoN, focus was on post-exploitation support needs, particularly in relation to the consequences of different types of violence onto mental and sexual health.

Of interest at the Centre is research around culturally-sensitive and user-centred care for vulnerable populations, including via culturally competent, socially assistive humanoid robots.

Overarching research areas and methods include multi-sited ethnography, mixed-method approaches, participatory action research (PAR), monitor and evaluation (M&E), epistemology, and power relations.