CARESSES is an international, multidisciplinary project whose goal is to design the first robots that can assist older people and adapt to the culture of the individual they are taking care of.

The robots will help the users in many ways including reminding them to take their medication, encouraging them to keep active, helping them keep in touch with family and friends. Each action will be performed with attention to the older person’s customs, cultural practices and individual preferences.

CARESSES is funded by the European Commission and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan. The project started on the 1st January 2017.

Why culturally competent robots?

Robots that can respond to older people’s needs in a sensitive and culturally appropriate way are more likely to be trusted and accepted. This is of global importance as ageing populations across the world demand more health and social care resources. Culturally competent robots can relieve the pressures on caregivers in hospitals and care homes. Selected publications about Caresses can be found in the PUBLICATIONS page of this website. For more information about the RCTSH’s work on this project as well as mass/social media and other events and videos, visit the CARESSES WEBSITE.