Syed Miah is a Research Assistant at Middlesex University. Syed joined Middlesex University in 2018 and currently works in Department of Mental Health & Social Work within the School of Health and Education.

I have completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology (BSc) at Brunel University London with professional development consisting of two work placements within mental health clinical settings. As part of this BSc, I completed a dissertation on cross-cultural differences in prosocial behaviour with a specific focus on British South Asians and White British populations. Furthermore, I have recently completed an MSc in Early Intervention in Psychosis at King’s College London including a work placement at an early detection service for psychosis. This course taught the importance of culture and spirituality among different ethnic groups and how this can impact on an individual’s experience of psychosis.

I have worked in a range of clinical mental health settings including an older adult psychiatric inpatient ward, child and adolescent neurodevelopmental assessment team and more. My current research interests remain broad but largely based around mental health difficulties, psychosocial therapies and how culture influences the dynamic relationship between these two aspects.